Timbercreek Farm is proud to offer sustainably raised grass-fed beef. The cattle are the primary movers in our pasture based system. Using intensive pasture rotation management, the cattle prepare our fields for our poultry by mowing down the taller tougher grasses that are unpalatable to the birds. The cows further help us to renew and improve the vitality of our grass crop. As the cows move from field to field, they aerate the soil with their hooves and add vital organic matter and nutrients with their manure. Pasture moves are made daily insuring that the cattle always have a fresh helping of lush grass and are kept parasite-free and healthy WITHOUT the use of medicated feeds or other antibiotics. The system allows our cattle management to contribute positively to the stewardship of our local ecosystem and results in a delectable beef, high in heart-healthy Omega-3s and free of the nasty additives used in feed-lot production.

The Timbercreek herd is composed of the finest Angus genetics, so that we may provide our customers with the very best grass-fed beef possible. We breed for quality and select rigorously for vitality. Our attention to these details makes Timbercreek Farm's beef exceptional amongst the highly variable grass-fed beef products available.

"Grass-fed beef will save the world!" says Andy McClure owner of Citizen Burger Bars. 


Timbercreek Pork is full of flavor. Our pigs live in a natural environment where we encourage their rooting instinct. During the spring and summer months our pigs stay busy helping us with the management of our hardwood tree stands and pastures. The pigs are fenced by a portable strand of electric wire and are moved after they have rooted until their hearts are content and are ready for fresh pasture. Pasture size and residence time varies by the number of pigs and the amount of “work” the pigs have to do. Natural forage is supplemented with a ration of non-GMO feed grown in partnership with several local farmers both in Albemarle and surrounding counties then milled here at Timbercreek. Like all of our animals, our pigs are antibiotic and hormone free.

"Timbercreek is unwavering in their dedication to holistic management." Wilson Richey owner of Whiskey Jar, Revolutionary Soups, Bebedero, Alley Light & La Brassarie. 



Timbercreek eggs are true free-range eggs. The laying hens nest and roost in a mobile house that moves in rotation behind our cows. The hens derive the majority of their diet by foraging in the fields. The result of this foraging is that, as the hens scratch and hunt for bugs, the cow manure is spread helping us to evenly fertilize our fields and eliminate parasite populations in preparation for another round of grazing. To balance their diet, we supplement the hens with a free choice ration of non-GMO grain grown in partnership with Adventure Farm right up the street in Earlysville, Virginia and milled into feed here at Timbercreek. 

We have a wide variety of heritage breed hens in our flock so a dozen eggs from Timbercreek Farm come in a range of colors. The gorgeous “golden” yolks and thick whites are a result of our hens’ superior diet. For flavor and freshness you simply cannot find better.

"Quality, flavor and value are the guidelines in the choices we make." 

Gerry Newman, owner & baker of Albemarle Baking Company

Chicken & Duck

Timbercreek is famous for its flavor and tenderness in our poultry. We attribute these great qualities to the birds’ living environment and feed. The chickens and ducks live on pasture in airy, floor-less houses where they may forage for insects and grass while receiving the necessary protection from predators and the elements. Our pasture boxes are moved daily to fresh pasture to promote the birds’ natural foraging instinct and to allow them to return vital nutrients to the soil. The chickens and ducks are given a truly local free choice feed supplement that is milled here on the farm from non-GMO grains that are grown in partnership with several local farmers in our area

We grow chickens and ducks  from April until November because we believe the only way to raise healthy and yummy chicken is on pasture, not in giant window-less barns. 



Timbercreek turkeys are a fantastic centerpiece for your Thanksgiving Dinner. Like our chickens, our turkeys live in mobile houses that are rotated daily to fresh pasture. This allows the birds the liberty to graze and forage. The turkeys are also provided with the same great non-GMO feed supplement that we offer our other poultry to fulfill their daily nutritional needs. The result is an exquisite flavor.

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"Our use of Timbercreek products was the result in an extensive research about cattle farms both in the area and nationally."

Andy McClure, owner of Citizen Burger Bars & "Oreo" one of our best brood cows.


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